Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Vote for Franklin Reads 2007-2008

Which should be the 2007-2008 FHS Reads selction? Sammy & Juliana in Hollywood or A Long Way Gone? Check out the audio clips at the wordandworld website or check out the books from the FHS Library or Multnomah County Library. Then tell us why you chose that book. Or defend a different selection.

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Lucas said...

Although I have not read Sammy & Juliana in Hollywood I would strongly suggest reading A Long Way Gone. I have seen the author, Ishmael Beah, speak in person and it was amazing. It must have been about 6 months ago but some of the things he said still stick with me. In perticualar he talked about how he did some horrible things and personally thinks that he lost his humantiy and then somehow regained it. I can't express how powerfully he said those words. He simply comes from a diffrent world then anything I have known and reading A Long Way Gone is sure to be a great experience.

Lucas Van Meter
Grade 12
Ms. Childs